The Spring Island Trust Nature and Arts Committee oversees both the Spring Island Art Collection
and the Guest Artist program.

The Spring Island Trust Art Collection

Upon the purchase of Spring Island in 1990 by Jim Chaffin and Jim Light, the Spring Island Trust was created for the preservation of both the environmental beauty and cultural history of the Island. As an integral part of that organization, the Spring Island Trust Art Collection and the Visiting Artist program were the dream of Betsy Chaffin. She wanted to invite artists to visit the Island, experience its beauty, find rejuvenation, and gain inspiration for their art. When the visiting artist left a piece of their work as a gift to the Trust, she hoped their art would portray to the viewer the Island’s “sense of place.” The first artist to visit Spring Island was West Fraser. He has been followed throughout the years by other notable artists such as Linda Fantuzzo, Brian Rutenberg, Joellyn Duesberry, Lois Dodd, Michael Karas, Janet Fish, Mary Whyte and Charles Reid.

The Collection reflects what the Trust and the Spring Island Development are all about – the maintenance of a sense of place – and artworks are displayed throughout the Island’s buildings. While the first artists participating were nature and landscape painters, the list of invited artists has been expanded to include many other mediums such as photography, ceramics, and sculpture.

Currently there are 175 pieces in the Collection. The newest acquisitions, space permitting, are displayed in the River House hallway. These are moved to other locations on the Island as new works become a part of the Collection.

Contributed by:
Bobbie Eckstein – Art Collection Chair
The Spring Island Trust – Nature & Arts Committee

Art Around the Island: Explore the Golf House

Ulysses (or Murmer)


Two Palmettos

Front Hall


Alcove outside Phone Booth

The Red Cabin

Shelf in sitting area

The Edwards House

Left wall as enter Dining Room


Ladies Locker Bathroom


Ladies Locker

Tabby Bridge

Library area to left of fireplace

Sunset Spring Island - November 2005

Bar Area

Spring Island Wild Gladiolas

Ladies Locker Room

Spring Island Trees, 2010

Main dining room

Spring Island Panorama-black and white photo

Powder Room

Spring Island Oak

Ladies Locker Room

Spring Island 2010

Book Case

Spring Glow, Spring Island

Dining Room


Main entry hall


Entrance to DR on table

Palmetto Point

To right of South fireplace

Original Seventeenth Hole

Above north fireplace

Monet's Yellow

Alcove outside phone booth

High Salt Marsh

Main hallway

Gullah Sweetgrass Basket

Shelf in sitting area

Green Teapot

Above fireplace

Fog/Burn Book

North end to left of fireplace

Defining the Views

Dining Room on Piano

Changing Sky

Ladies Locker Room

Bailey's Rose

Ladies Locker Room

Abstract Landscape

Over Piano

[Zig Zag Tall Vase]

Library Bookshelf

[Turtles on an Urn]

Entrance Hall on chest

[Tree branches]

Library Area

[Tree branches]

Bar Area

[Three Palms]

DR - wall between piano and bar

[The Slave Cottage Window]

Ladies Locker Room

[Tall Palm]

Dining Room - wall between piano and bar

[Tabby Links Pond]

Front Hall

[Sweet Gum Gifts]

Ladies Locker Room

[Sunset over the Marsh]

Hallway to Lockers

[Spring Island Woodcut III]

Guest Rest Room

[Spring Island Woodcut II]

Guest Rest Room

[Spring Island Woodcut I]

Guest Rest Room

[Spring Island Landing on Chechessee Creek]


[Speckled Square Plate]

Reception area

[Shrimp Pond]

DR over serving table

[Pebbles in a Wooden Block Bowl]

Cocktail table in front of fireplace

[Palmetto Point]

Over South Fireplace